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Joe, Sr. and Susan Caravella
Jeanine Martini
Fred Crouse
Pat Rosetti
Matt Micek
Richard Raskoff

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Michael J. Fox
Tom Graham
Bill Lackey
Don Hellwig
Howard Postley
Branko Sarh
The Wantabe’s
Deniz & Yagmur

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Donating Over $1000

Elizabeth Caravella
Brian Rosetti
Dan & Karin Wegner
Sanjay Bhakta

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Our supporters agree that it’s time to change the way corporate America tackles innovation. We are creating new transportation options and embracing crowdfunding to complete the development process.

Your continued support allows us to focus on engineering the best product at an affordable price without the strings of venture capital.

The power of the internet and social networking empowers many small contributions to have a huge impact in a very short time. Sponsors donate money and share project information with their family, friends & colleagues.

Remember; volunteers, supporters, partners and sponsors will have priority status when investment opportunities occur.

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