developing an affordable roadable aircraft


Caravella Aerospace is the little guy that keeps making progress in the roadable aircraft industry. Founded by Joe Caravella, Jr. in 2007, the mission is to develop an “affordable” roadable aircraft.

With help from a dedicated group of volunteers and supporters, Joe has persisted in his mission and the prototype is inching closer to completion.

Following prototype demonstration we will refine the design, incorporate, seek investors and bring the dream to market.

Your help NOW is instrumental to the dream of an affordable roadable aircraft. The more support you provide now, the lower the eventual product cost. Todays supporters will be the first invited to invest.


Giving Back

We have enjoyed community outreach to local schools, museums and kids organizations.

We have created a roadable aircraft workshop that teaches and engages children with STEAM. We display the prototype at events and provide ongoing support of the SDASM “Fly your ride competition.”

Caravella gives back