developing an affordable roadable aircraft


Our volunteers are at the top of the list because their contributions are priceless. They have donated countless hours of work in the garage, on the road, and at public events.

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Jeanine Martini – Sheman Oaks, California
Joe, Sr. & Susan Caravella – Reston, Virginia
Chad Goetsch – Sherman Oaks, California
Don Thorstenson – Chandler, Arizona
Steven D. Schroeder – Reston, Virginia
Craig Morganti – Los Angeles, California
Matt and Cole Micek – Sheman Oaks, California
Dan & Karin Wegner – Las Vegas, Nevada
John & Stephanie Caravella – Redondo Beach, California
Tico Clark – Southern California
Tom, Jeannine, Justin and Grayson Graham – Playa Del Rey, California
Pat Rosetti – Granbury, Texas
Special thanks to the Terrafugia team for their camaraderie at EAA AirVenture 2008.
Don & Gail Thorstenson – Evergreen, Colorado
Greg Chery – Northern Virginia
Thomas Moy – Los Angeles, California
David Shelton – Belvidere, Illinois
Jonathan Schmidt – Corona, California

Oliver Haycraft – Glendale, California
Art & Heather Wimble – Reston, Virginia
Rich Meyer – Millersburg, Indiana
Mark Byler – Millersburg, Indiana
Christopher M. Allport – Toluca Lake, California
Rudolf Kunze – Hollywood, California
Charles Ducat – Lake Balboa, California
Eric Thorstenson – Leesburg, Virginia
Jason Downs – Van Nuys, California
Vibeke Hirsch – Los Angeles, California
Fanahi Williams – Los Angeles, California
Linda H. Miller – Ocean View, Delaware
Tami Rogers – La Mesa, California
Alexa Micek – Oxnard, California
Bill Griffin – Los Angeles, California
Larry Scott – Granada Hills, California
Special thanks to Bill Hill & the Palomar RC Flyers
Mike Bone – Venice, California
Timothy Muyimbwa – Sherman Oaks, California
Kelly Gregoire – Thousand Oaks, California
Andrew Barbera – Plano, Texas